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Her first consideration in the design of panels both for manufacturers and for private residences was that the piece produced be essentially a work of art, and also that the design must have relevance to its situation.  On closer examination of her work there is recognition of the components which have been used to build up the whole.

When not working on commissions, she indulged her love of ancient ethnic art forms, including South and Central American and Celtic, and based some of her designs on these.  She also created many panels based on wildlife forms.

Elizabeth's Jewellery was produced in a very distinctive style, using metal pieces imaginatively set in resin.  She found beauty not only in precious metals but also in copper, brass, bronze and stainless steel.

Her work has been included in exhibitions in the Royal West of England Academy, the Royal Ulster Academy and private galleries throughout the United Kingdom.  She has also held solo exhibitions in the Home Counties, the Midlands, and Wales.

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